Hot Toddies Coffee Bar

Halfway through working on the Poetry Library, our client aquired a building ajacent to the library. The only request was that it were to be called Hot Toddies, therefore determining the building function was left up to us.

After doing research on what a toddy is (a warm alchoholic drink), I found that the word 'toddy' originates from an Indian drink of palm sap wine.

For this building, I decided that it were to be a coffee bar, fitting in with the name Hot Toddies, and appropriate for the colder climate and diverse culture of Cambridge, Massachusets. The interior reflects the Indian origination of the word toddy.

Hot Toddies coffee bar is Indian inspired, serving all kinds of drinks and tapas in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Materials Board

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Elevation of what you would see upon entering the coffee bar

Section cut (left to right)

Section cut (right to left)