Studio II

Project: Vet Clinic

Concept: An interior space that is animal and eco-friendly in an enviornment that is comfortable for pets and their owners as well as aesthetically pleasing by the use of organic & recycled materials and natural colors & textures.

Floor plan includes a waiting room with reception desk area, public restroom, four exam rooms, dark room, x-ray room, surgery room, doctor's office, pharmacy/lab, workroom, cat ward, isolation ward, utility & electrical room, interior runs, and an outdoor run area.

Parti diagram (left), exam room elevation (middle), and waiting room elevation (right)

Waiting room and reception area floor plan

Waiting room and reception area perspective

Project: Advertising Office

10,000 sq. ft. office to house 20 employees with potential growth. The company is responsible for several high profile clients around the world. The principle is an American buisnessman who has traveled the world and wishes to incorporate art and cultural artifacts that he has collected in the new office space.

The advertising office includes a waiting/reception area, a library with layout tables, cubicles for 8 interns, public restrooms, accounting, storage, human resources with a small conference room, break room, 4 jr. partners offices, jr. partner small conference room, game room, mechanical room, employee restrooms, two partner offices, assistant office, and priciple office. On the second floor there is a circular conference room for larger meetings.

Exterior building elevaions with second floor conference room