Studio III

Project: 2008 ASID Student Design Award Competition

Clients Emma and Andrew just purchased two adjoining brick rowhouses and want to combine them into an art gallery on the first and second floors and a living space on the third floor. They asked for ADA guidlines to be used for the public spaces and also sustainable design concepts.

Concept: Dominance

Definition: Emphasising one element over another, the most important or powerful.

On the gallery space on the 1st & 2nd floor, red is the dominant color. The 3rd floor residential space is dominated by cool colors for a calm atmosphere.

The gallery space and residential space incorporates sustainability from the materials to the furnishings.

The first floor of the art gallery includes a gallery entrance with reception desk and a display area for events, a small gallery space for traveling exhibitions, elevator, public restroom, kitchen, and lecture/presentation room with storage. The first floor can also be used to host gallery openings.

On the second floor the gallery space is larger, holding the more permanent works, also an art storage room and executive office.

The third floor is Emma and Andrews living space. The small square footage includes a living & dining area, kitchen, 3/4 bath, master bedroom & bath, guest bedroom & den, and a laundry room.

Project: Gene McGee Residence

Design for local artist Gene McGee's third floor condominium.

Concept: Fung Shui

For this project, I layed out the floor plan using fung shui techniques because certain rooms and the placement of furniture benefit from facing the best direction. The object is to harness good enery or chi and direct away the bad. In fung shui, there are four celesial guardians. The black tortoise symbolizes the north, the green dragon for the east, the crimson phoenix for the south, and the white tiger for the west. Each direction also has an element and good colors: north- water, black and blue and white, east- wood, green and blue, south- fire, red and green, west- metal, white and yellow.

The space includes a main dining/kitchen/living area with a powder room, an office, storage, master bed & bath, laundry, master bed & bath, and lastly a gallery and work space for Gene McGee.

Gene McGee requested that Merillat cabinets from the classic collection be specified for the kitchen and laundry. In the master bath he requested a large tile shower with various body sprayers, a rain head, handheld shower head, whirlpool tub, and two vanity areas.

All the furniture is a modern Japanese style which reflects the orgins of fung shui. On the columns that run the length of the condominium, I wanted to leave them exposed as an architectural element so they are clad in a 3-form material and illuminated from within.