Studio On The Square

Studio on the Square was a one week class that I took where we got to give the city of Franklin some ideas about what to do with the old jail building that has not been in use since the 70's. Our class worked in groups and my partner and I re-designed the old jail to function as a boutique hotel. The whole idea is to keep the original historic facade and interior structure while turning the building into something that Franklin as a city can benefit from. Currently there are no other places to stay downtown in Franklin other than small bed & breakfasts, so a hotel, even though small, would add to Franklin's downtown area.

The first day of class, we measured every inch of the old jail building and took pictures to reference and then compiled all of our data into CAD for basic floor plans of the building. Once each group decided on the buildings use, the design began!

The old jail building currently has three levels so we used them as the main level, upper level, and restaurant in the basement. The boutique hotel has five rooms total, each with their own bathrooms.

For the exterior, we kept it a basic grey so that it still has the feeling of being an old jail. We added shrubbery, sconces on the columns, and statues to the front facade, also keeping the original doors if they can be saved. On the west side of the building, we added in a driveway for direct and easier access into the main lobby of the building for guests. Otherwise they would have to park, walk around to the front of the building, and drag luggage up the stairs which would not be accessible.

Located on the main level from the side entry is the reception and lobby, off of that to the back of the building is a meeting or rentable space that is open to the lobby unless in use, public restrooms to the back right, an accessible room located right off the lobby, and an office in the front right of the building. The existing stairs or the elevator located to the right of the reception goes to the upper level or to the restaurant in the basement.

On the upper level, four rooms are located off of the lobby area which has an atrium to let in natural light. Each room is set up differently and each has its own bathroom. We kept the old jail doors to add to the historical significance of the building and put the room numbers in the flooring instead of on the doors.

The basement we turned into Deco's Restaurant with general seating as well as a bar. It can be accessed down the elevator or stairs from inside the hotel or from the back door ground enterance. The restaurant includes the kitchen, bar area, public restrooms, and laundry. On the east side of the building we opened three spots in the wall to put in garage doors that function as windows but can be opened all the way on a nice day to let air in.

All of our materials (colors and finishes) are inspired from the artwork on the top left which is from the time period that Art Deco was prevalent.

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