Studio V

This project won the $7,000 Suellen Craig Scholarship out of two other projects, hand picked by the O'More staff and judged by O'More alumni.


Renovation of an existing building at the Factory at Frankin into a medical pediatric office space. The building is approximately 10,000 square feet.


Waiting: seats 30 people and is subdivided into "sick" and "well"
Nursing Room
Reception/Appointment Desk: two receptionists
Triage: three phone nurses
Administrator Office: desk, shelf storage, file storage, two guest chairs
Four "Pods" of Exam Rooms: four rooms per pod, each room has sink, lockable wall hung cabinets, base cabinet, laptop surface, exam bed, two guest chairs
"Flex" Exam Rooms: for psychiatric/nutrition evaluations
Nurse/Physician Work Room: four computers/paper work space, printers, storage, lockable fridges and cabinet spaces for storage of hazardous goods, centralized to associated pods
Lab Area: two fridges, ample surface workspaces, blood draw areas, two computers, lockable upper cabinets
Toilets: accessable to waiting room, close to lab area, staff toilet
Doctor's Office: four offices for each doctor, one "flex" office for Nutritionist and Psychiatrist
Lounge: microwave, fridge, small eating surface, cabinets, dishwasher
Physician's toilet/lockers/shower space
Conference Room: seats 12

For this project functionality was most important, then budget, and lastly design. I used shades of blues and greens for a calming environment but in a way that is fun and playful, reflecting the fact that it is a pediatric office.
In the waiting area, I didn't want to do the standard fish tank so I decided to incorporate birds and a tree in glass tubes. Instead of a finished ceiling in the waiting area, I designed circle drop ceilings in different sizes and at different heights so they seemed to float. These ceilings are also illuminated from inside to serve as light fixtures.
To break up the long hallways, I placed circular openings at certain points, also to visually define the different "pods".
The layout of the rooms is almost symmetrical for the ease of the patient finding their way around.